I'm Caroline, a certified Yoga Alliance 200RYT yoga teacher. I discovered yoga over 10 years ago, and started teaching in 2016, after returning from 6 years living in China. Initially trained in Vinyasa Yoga, I teach a dynamic and inventive form of yoga based on fluid sequencing coordinated with the breath. Through a series of flows and sequences of postures, this approach aims to build strength, increase flexibility, improve balance and stimulate concentration.

I'm very curious about the workings of the body and mind, and regularly take courses on these subjects, with a particular focus on women who have become mothers and on mental health. I myself will become the mother of a little boy in 2021.

I'm gradually integrating new inspirations into my classes, mixing dynamic and gentler classes. Beyond precise technique, I hope to transmit to my students a heightened awareness of their body and mind, contributing to their evolution.

My curiosity also leads me to explore new horizons: those of speech and writing. So, since March 2024, I've been organizing talking circles for yogis and teachers alike, to exchange ideas, talk and develop a practice away from the mattress. And since the summer of 2024, I've been writing, on subjects related to yoga, but also to well-being as a whole: mental and physical well-being, motherhood and the place of women in all this, the place of yoga in our Western societies... These subjects inspire me, echo my daily work as a teacher and help me progress in my journey as a yoga teacher and practitioner.

I hope to see you soon!

My diplomas

200 Hours Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) with Yoga Arts and Louisa Sear in 2015
50 Hours training with Krista Cahill and Tiger Yoga on alignments and adjustments in 2019
35 Hours training with Institut de Gasquet on pre- and post-natal yoga in 2019
Yoga Skills for Depression with Minded Institute (London) in 2023
Essentials of Elite Performance: neurocentric approach to the body with Z Health Institute ongoing

Courses to suit your needs

Access my courses now via videos in French and English, available 24/7.

Enjoy total flexibility to progress at your own pace.

My courses come in two variants:

  • on the one hand, " Gentle " beginners' classes for people new to yoga, who need to understand the basics through a moderate-intensity practice.or simply for those in need of a gentler approach.
  • intermediate/advanced " Dynamic " classes for those who have been practicing yoga regularly for several years, or for those looking for a more dynamic and challenging practice.

At least one new course is added to the studio every week.

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gives access to a course. valid for 7 days.

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6-month unlimited subscription

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Includes 1 Circle discussion group access .

1-year unlimited subscription

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Includes 3 Circle discussion group accesses .

A private lesson is a unique opportunity for the student toadapt practice to his or her needs. I strongly advise students with very specific needs to take a few private lessons so that they can continue to practice in a group equipped with tools that will enable them to adapt practice to their needs.

During our first lesson, after an initial period of discussion and observation, I'll design sessions adapted to your needs, which will evolve as your practice progresses.

Classes usually last 1 hour and are generally organized as follows: a short meditation and/or breathing exercises, followed by a warm-up, then a progressive sequence of movements before ending with a moment of relaxation.

I travel to La Rochelle, Ile de Ré and the surrounding area, as well as Paris occasionally.

  • Online price: 80Euros for 1h
  • On-site prices: depending on distance and number of participants.

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Go further as a group...

Give new meaning to your practice by joining one of our weekly discussion groups, where you can exchange ideas and reflect on your yoga practice.

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