Exchanging ideas to restore meaning, find answers to your questions and be part of a community

I've always said that I like to do things that have " meaning", and yoga is one of them. But after almost 10 years of practicing yoga, for a while I lost its meaning and thus all its magic. I was practicing yoga asanas (postures), my head full of questions, unable to make sense of it all. "Why practice yoga? Now that I'm a mother, with a different body, how can I progress? It has to be said that current yoga practice, as offered in the West, offers little opportunity for exchange and learning on these subjects, which nevertheless question us all, sooner or later. So it was through reading, but above all through exchanges with other practitioners, that I was able to find answers to my questions, and thus resume the thread of my practice with meaning. The idea for Circles was born...

Circles are private yoga discussion groups. Circle is for everyone, while Circle Pro is reserved for yoga teachers with questions specific to their teaching activity.


is a one-hour video discussion group on a pre-defined topic

Circle Pro

is a one-hour video discussion group for yoga teachers on a predefined teaching-related topic

Circles are organized in French and English. Be sure to check when you book!

Access to Circle groups includedin 6-month and 1-year unlimited video subscriptions

The benefits

  • benefit from a small, non-judgmental group in a caring environment to ask questions
  • learn from others and their experiences, gather opinions, get recommendations
  • feel supported in your practice/teaching and questioning by staying in touch via a private WhatsApp community
  • develop your practice and/or teaching "on and off" the mat and give it new meaning

Here are a few examples of the topics covered


How does a session work?

Groups are made up of a maximum of 10 participants plus Caroline, who leads the group. Each person introduces him/herself, then Caroline asks questions to get the ball rolling and offers some food for thought during the discussion. You'll receive access to the private WhatsApp group after each session, so you can keep in touch with the other participants.

What's the price?


Access to the Circle group is included in the 6-month and 1-year video subscriptions.


gives access to a Circle discussion group, valid for 1 month.

How do I register?

Click below to register. Once your registration has been validated, you'll receive a Google Meet link to log in and attend the focus group on the day.

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